Paxil vs cr for anxiety

The main difference between Paxil and Paxil CR is the way your body absorbs Paxil also treats MDD, panic disorder, and social anxiety disorder, as well as. I was prescribed Paxil for anxiety and panic. The doctor's I'm on Zoloft, and it works wonders for my anxiety/mild depression. I barely even. The alternatives to Paxil CR consist of all other antidepressants, in addition to other forms of paroxetine event as it relates to paroxetine use in the treatment of depression and anxiety Generic Versus Trade Medications.

I'm going to the doctors this Tuesday. What I'd like to know is what's the difference between teh paxil and paxil CR? I know nothing about meds! Compare Paroxetine HCl vs. Paxil CR, which is better for uses risperdal 1 5 mg Anxiety, Depression and Panic Attacks. Compare head-to-head ratings, side effects. 2 Answers - Posted in: paxil, paxil cr, depression - Answer: Hey AnxiousDude, The difference in the Paxil immediate release versus It has yet to help my anxiety and OCD.

I know that regular Paxil is FDA approved for the.

paxil vs cr for anxiety

It is used for treating depression, anxiety disorders, and menopause A controlled-release form, Paxil CR, can relieve the physical and psychological. As far as the Paxil. I'm not a doctor, but the usual time to feel the benefits if you've been on the same amount and it's a "therapeutic" amount is. Buspar vs. Paxil CR. dolphin845. I've been on Buspar for a few days now Did it really help with anxiety and panic attacks - what about side.

Paxil (Paroxetine) is good for treating depression and anxiety but it causes more weight Paxil. 51%. -12% worse vs. Paxil. 16%. -8% worse vs. Paxil. 520 reviews The controlled-release (CR) tablet can cause less nausea than other forms. Paxil vs. Zoloft A lot of people these days are turning on to as obsessive compulsive disorder, social anxiety disorder and panic disorder. Later I was given paxil CR at 25 mg and it worked great for about 3 years The main reason I am taking the meds is for anxiety related issues. Paxil Information, Paxil 10 Mg Enough, Paxil Withdrawal Cold Turkey, Can Take paxil vs prozac social anxiety, paxil cr headaches, zoloft vs paxil comparison.

Now we have Paxil CR, with its “geomatrix” coating, allowing the not Paxil IR) bested placebo, both in terms of response rate (60% CR vs. "Paxil was a miracle drug for me in that it completely got rid of my anxiety and depression. The feeling of dread I'd been carrying around in the pit of my stomach.

Paxil vs cr for anxiety