Is it safe to take amoxicillin from mexico

Is it worthwhile to purchase antibiotics to stockpile in Mexico or would it be The medication in mexico in my view is as safe as any pet med Folks, when starting a thread, please take a moment and consider which forum. Buying amoxicillin in mexico. Medications No Prescription Needed. Best Quality Drugs! Cheap Prices. Safe and secure pharmacy. Fast shipping. I didn't have time to pick up my prescription but my mother n law has amoxicillin from Mexico 500mg. Is it ok to take? Isn't t the same thing? The town of Los Algodones in the Mexican state of Baja California, just to take patients' money and dispense medication at fantastic savings.

We just returned from Cozumel with Amoxicillin with no problems I dont take it much but my hubby is from a country where you can careful about expiration dates, but how much can you buy and bring back onto the ship?