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Detailed dosage guidelines and administration information for Depakote ER (divalproex sodium) The maximum recommended dosage is 60 mg/kg/day. Delayed-release divalproex (DR) is an enteric-coated compound consisting of The ER preparation resulted in a lower Cmax than corresponding DR doses.

Divalproex sod dr 500mg tab side effects. KIRO-AM in Seattle first what is divalproex sod dr 500 mg used for. what is depakote er max daily dose. generic. Divalproex Sodium - Get up-to-date information on Divalproex Sodium side The capsule, delayed release tablet, sprinkle capsule, and syrup forms are The maximum recommended dose is 1000 mg/day as needed.

Oral dosage (delayed-release divalproex (Depakote) or delayed-release valproic acid (Stavzor)) The maximum daily recommended dose is 60 mg/kg/day.

max depakote dose dr

Depakote ER initial dose: 25 mg/kg PO once daily Increase as rapidly as possible total valproate; maximum concentrations generally achieved within 14 days. The maximum recommended dosage is 60 mg/kg/day. (2.1, 2.2) Depakote tablets (divalproex sodium delayed-release tablets) are supplied as: 125 mg. Depakote adult dosing Dosage forms: DR TAB: 125 mg, 250 mg, 500 mg incr.

by 5-10 mg/kg/day q7 days; Max: 60 mg/kg/day; Info: decr. start dose and.