Cymbalta and liver toxicity

Common Questions and Answers about Cymbalta and your liver Agree with the above, but it is known that this drug can be highly liver toxic to some people. The mechanism by which duloxetine causes liver injury is not known, but is (Expert review of hepatotoxicity published in 1999; duloxetine is not mentioned).

In postmarketing reports, duloxetine therapy was linked to an increased risk of hepatotoxicity in patients with preexisting liver disease. However, data regarding its effects on the liver are not well known in this country.

We have previously reported a case of duloxetine-induced. 2 Answers - Posted in: cymbalta - Answer: In clinical studies 0.3% of In clinical studies 0.3% of patients using Cymbalta had to stop because of raised liver Professionals (includes dosage details), Side Effects of Cymbalta.

Toxicity liver cymbalta and

Alcohol can be a threat to your liver, especially if you drink tadalafil vs finasteride much Cymbalta can also potentially cause liver damage. Antidepressants may be toxic to the liver, even at recommended doses, and older nefazodone, bupropion, duloxetine, and agomelatine.

FDA Issues Liver Warning for CymbaltaPatients With Liver Disease May Risk Further Liver Damage, Says FDABy Miranda HittiWebMD Medical. Have been diagnosed with Hep C. with high level of antibodies but no liver damage showing. doctor prescribed Cymbalta, Neurontin, & Flexeril. This study further examines the hepatic safety of duloxetine in a large incident acute hepatitis; incident hepatic necrosis; incident toxic liver. I would recommend that if you want to try Cymbalta, just have your liver enzymes checked before dosing, after three months, then check it as you wish.

However, I don't want to stop taking it because it gets rid of much of my anxiety. What has the research said about Cymbalta and liver damage? Patient 5. A 49 year old Caucasian woman developed nausea, fatigue, dark urine, and itching followed by jaundice and weight loss, 5 weeks after starting duloxetine (60 mg daily) for chronic pain and depression.

She had no history of liver disease and denied use of alcohol, acetaminophen, OTC, or HDS. Recommendations concerning liver function tests for Duloxetine, risk of hepatotoxicity, while other arcoxia para la fiebre, including citalopram.

cymbalta and liver toxicity