Cannabis and clonazepam

And if yes it helps, how much mg of clonazepam should i take to make Im sorry to hear that you also finasteride cheap australia enjoy cannabis like it should be, but.

Both cannabis and sedatives can cause people to feel sleepy or drowsy, an effect commonly reported in prescribed sedative medications such as clonazepam. I am currently taking 0.5mg of clonazepam daily and am not a regular weed smoker. But when I do use marijuana, I generally do dabs My. The answer is: we don't have any idea about the risks because such studies have not been performed. And that lack of data brings us related to a second point. The proposed protocol is a double-blind, placebo-controlled inpatient and outpatient study,looking at the clinical treatment of cannabis use disorder.

Hi, a friend of mine told me that he takes clonazepam every day (1.25mg). He said right after he feels the effects he smokes weed because the. Combining marijuana and Klonopin can lead to increased dangers, so users should get help if they use these drugs in conjunction. Call us for help today.