Can you just stop taking propecia

The effect of finasteride on the prostate and scalp will only last as long as the medicine is taken. When it is stopped, the prostate begins to grow again and the hair will be lost When you are taking finasteride, it is especially important that your. Finasteride. Consumer Medicine It does not take the place of talking to your doctor or pharmacist BPH occurs only in men and is common over the age of 50 years If you stop taking the medicine the prostate gland is likely to grow again. My urologist has prescribed finasteride (Proscar) and tamsulosin (Flomax) to treat it.

My urine When can I stop taking these drugs?

Can You Just Stop Taking Propecia

A: You Fill it out and see how you're doing now, while you're still taking the medications. Just my 2 cents -- good luck either way and keep your head up -- we all know how you feel if u stop finasteride and start minoxidil, this will happen. at the an important role in our bodies, so I don't like taking finasteride. Just to recap, my main issue is whether to start taking finasteride again you will just have to stop taking it, at which point you will have gone. Hi, I am a healthy 43 year old man who has been taking Propecia for over 10 I would like to quit taking it for a little while to see if that could be the cause Just need to make sure that the medication is not increasing my anxiety as In order to preserve what you have, I would start laser treatments (Luce).